EBay 🤮 Vs Ropa Shop ...

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sugarontop (Sky)
8 months ago
No contest ammiright... brand new baby has mad potential and a way better vibe. Let’s get this party started , drain eBay of all their loyal customers who don’t know any better ...

travolto (Daniel Travolto)
5 years ago
Thats very well put! :-) welcome to Styleglare
Tatty84 (Francisca)
5 years ago
pontingjessiel (Jessiel Avila)
5 years ago
gang2x (Maricris M Flores)
5 years ago
verma (Justin)
5 years ago
Yes.. (;
amrawad (Amr Awad)
5 years ago
elisa2345 (Elisa Merella)
5 years ago
Off courseee
Rikki (Ricarda Costa)
5 years ago
Plz I want to b a model :)
JheslaineMontesa (Ethel Jheslaine Zen R Montesa)
5 years ago
Being a role model is not just influencing a person's life in a positive way, it is how you mold them to what they want to be...
Kalean (Nabacwa Lydia)
5 years ago
Yes being a role model is about influencing other people who love you,who want to be oneday like you, So there is more of influencing but rater naturing indirectly of those believing in you through what you do and how you connect or communicate with them.
ripsime (Ripsime)
5 years ago
I want to be a model
santana (Eno Santana)
5 years ago
I want 2 be a model
namzi (Nametso Monica Oremeng)
5 years ago
I am currently looking for a modeling agency to explore my talents
keisya (Keisya Fransiska Nainggolan)
5 years ago
I love modeling so much
anisahnabilah (Anisah Nabilah)
5 years ago
I love modeling fashion
raygeegee3 (Rachel De Guzman)
5 years ago
What a great quote~
My main goal is fashion and design. Modeling is on of things that I'm quite interested as well on the sidelines. Yet, one of m achieving hobbies is behind the camera. I'm always looking for a person who's willing to model for me ;) I do mostly cosplay so if there is anyone who has the same interests with me please do share your thoughts :) it is much appreciated.
luvlyangel (Lhea Salisi)
5 years ago
Witbooi (John Edwin)
4 years ago
Being a role model is not just influencing a person's life in a positive way, it is how you model them to what they want to be... And that one should not have limits when it comes to pursuing your dream and making it a reality..
sakunrai (Sakun Rai)
4 years ago
Modlng iz not alwaes a passion bt in reality its addiction...
aneeshaahat (Sunny Bhushan)
4 years ago
Hello friends my self sunny from delhi I love fashion. I have won many fashion shows in modelling but till I couldn't achieve the stage of model plz contact and help m in I became a super model 919996449848, 919896534822

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