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How do you define Fashion in your own definition?

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Nelia (mabasa)
5 years ago
Be a fashion killer!!!

Daniel Travolto (travolto)
5 years ago
Fashion is the reflection of your personality by the things you wear :-)
otherwise its just clothing
Sunny Bhushan (aneeshaahat)
5 years ago
I love fashion
5 years ago
Fashion is not just about the clothes. It is an art of dressing up and putting characters to it. wearing clothes that will make you fell comfortable and putting twists in it that will make you stand out.
Nelia (mabasa)
5 years ago
Fact Mr Daniel,@ Anneeshaahat fashion is beautiful like Mr Daniel mentioned that its the reflection of your personality. Ms Learzy yes you right its not all about clothes but like wat Mr Daniel Mentioned that it reflects your personality. You did really say it right that" Its the art of dressing up putting characters to it,I LOVE THAT. FASHION IS JUST THE BEST. When i dress up honestly speaking i dress to look good and at the same time to feel comfortable.
Khanyisa (Mzuzwana)
5 years ago
If loving fashion is a crime i PLEAD GUILTY
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