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Wanted: Female Models/Talent

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Madeiline Catacutan (Samantha0691)
5 years ago
We are looking for Female Aspiring Models/Talent
If interested, fill out this talent form that you can see below and send it to me via e-mail so I can forward for approval.

Talent Registration-Form (copy/paste with answers next to questions).
Q. Name/City/Number/Age?
Q. Describe talent jobs that interest you: promotions, runway, print, playboy, or fitness?
Q. Do you have any cosmetic enhancements, breast implants, or tattoos?
Q. Describe the current appearance (height/weight, breast/cup size, and ethnicity)?
Q. Are you 100% Smoke free, Drug Free?, Pill Free?, Medication Free? Explain.
Q. In case of emergency, do you have any medical issues?
Q. List 2 careers (outside the talent industry) that you dream to have in the future?
Q. List 2 ways you would like to improve your body or beauty?
Q. List 5 very important people in your life right now?

Zintathu (madulini)
5 years ago
A.Zintathu Madulini/Mthatha/0712439762/27
A. I part timely take part in marathons,am a good sprinter I enjoy taking part in athletics,i sometimes do aerobics.
A. No I don't.
A. I am a size 28 and 30,am tall,my breast/cup size is a 30
A. Yes I am. I never smoked and never used alcohol or drugs,am clean. Am 100% healthy,got any kind of illness,am flexible.
A. No,i have got none.
A. I would love to be on the sport industry,am even trying to get on it but still in short courses but in a nearer future I dream that ibe day I will accomplish,
A. I would love to commit to the gym so that my body would stay in shape and I would keep healthy as well,eating healthy staff and commit to it so as to help keep my skin glowing and beautiful and healthy too.
A. My family,my Sisters and brothers in Christ,my colleagues,my friends,my late sis,
Madeiline Catacutan (Samantha0691)
5 years ago
What is your email address? Or you can forward your Talent registration form to Ev Vegas. He's the Owner/CEO. This is his email address.
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